Tuesday 19 August 2014

Perform HP SIM 7.3 installation on Windows Server 2012R2

You will see management installation, not only client one.
You can easily get and install client for managing 2012R2 Server from other machine.

Problem with SIM installation on 2012R2 Server is because of two things:
1.Setup application have to be run with compatibility settings
2.Server needs to have SQL Server installed

Installation of SIM 7.3 step by step.

First run of Setup.exe

Unsupported OS error

Change setup.exe compatibility settings to Windows7

Another try to install

There are no active SQL server instances

Download SQL Server Express (here 2012 version)

Choose components: here SQL x64 and Management Studio_x64

Perform a new installation of SQL Server 2012

Choose instance name: here HPSIM

Choose service accounts and services startup type

Choose authentication mode and administrator account(you have to add one)

It goes

Instance is yet stopped and disabled

Change startup type to automatic and start service

Installation of management tools

Installation succeded

Run SQL Management Studio

Choose database engine and instance (here:HPSIM)

Go to server properties

Check "Allow remote conections to this server" and close MMS

Configure firewall rule to allow SQL port (default is 1433)

Add TCP rule

Select zones. You can select only one, for example the domain

Restart SQL Server instance

Did you know how to run SQL Sever Confirutaion Manager on 2012R2 Server?
No? You need to run mmc first and add snap-in

Enable TCP/IP connection and select desired port. Default is set for 1433.
Now you can run wizard again or just go on with one which was waiting for SQL database.
For this warning, just click OK.

Installation is in progress at last.
Click Next
Select No, click Finish and restart the server when you want.

Office 2013 and Exact Globe Next prior to 406 - cannot run Excel reports

When you have to upgrade your Office installation to 2013 version and using Exact Globe Next version before 406 then you cannot run Excel reports by default.
Office 2013 is not officially supported with Exact Globe Next version prior to 406.
But wait, there is a workaround to make both working, i.e. to run Excel 2013 reports on Exact Globe version 401 for example.

First you should try to install Office2010 on the top of the Office2013 and reinstall Exact Globe Next.
Just install Office 2010 as a second Office version and reinstall Exact Globe.
Then you can uninstall Office2010.

For me it worked for the two of three computers.

If you still cannot run Excel reports, then go to check your Windows registry:
1.Run regedit
3.Check if Excel.Application key is present.
4.If not, create it, and create subkey CLSID
5.Probably as option, but create the second subkey - CurVer
6.Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Application.15\CLSID
7.Copy data value from (Default)
8.Go to Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Excel.Application\CLSID
9.Paste data value to (Default) string
10.Restart the computer
11.Run Excel

12.Excel should ask if it should be default application for Excel file types
13.Answer yes, and select all file types as Excel 2013 defaults.
14.Run Exact Globe Next and check if reports works now