Monday, 26 March 2018

HP Event notifier cannot start

You cannot install HP Event Notifier on the Windows Server (2012+)
First, you need to add SNMP Service feature to your server.
Then to be sure it runs correctly, add localhost to allowed senders for SNMP packets:

Next, install HP providers, for example from this link:
Then, run Event Notifier as an administrator:

After configuring, for sending test, run Test WBEM Events as an administrator.

If you encounter an error during sending test or tests are not sent do recipient, restart this service:
and the same with SNMP service

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Remote Desktop Services deployment does not exist

When you are on the server and want to list active session using Get-RDUserSession command, you can see an error telling you that your have no RDS installed (even on RDS session broker), like the one below:

Don't be fooled by this - it shows only because you don't have enough privileges. Just run Powershell session as an administrator and bam! You can see desired list.

BTW: My small advice here - if you see PS errors, but you're sure, that cmd-let should work, check it with elevated privileges.